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Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Kyema Jungnay
at two, the youngest member of the expedition.

These guys are obviously trouble...

Isa (10) behind the shades, and approximately one third of our crew, after a blazing midday walk to Pueblo Alto. Kunga up front, followed by Getso, Gyatso, Rigdzin, Chödön and Shugchang way back there. Samten behind the camera.



Meeting on South Mesa.


Top picture:Shugchang and Yiga up front, Zhibde and Tenkar behind (standing).
Yiga is currently (12/99) in the mountains of Japan, living as a monk in a Zen Monastery.

Below, David is on the lower shelf to the left, Sadie and Gyatso (mother and daughter) sitting closest to the camera with Chödön standing.

    The South Road

leads through this gap from Pueblo Bonito to the shrines
upon Hosta Butte and further south to Zuni Pueblo.


Jim Morrison



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